CLAI GROUP participated in

Payments 2017


CLAI Group participated in Payments 2017, an event that sets the trend in generating solutions fast, innovative and practical payment, which was held in Austin, Texas on April 23 and had more than 2,500 attendees and more 80 companies. CLAI introduced its new solution for the development of transactional tests to manage the preparation and planning agile payment platform that can process more transactions quickly and efficiently.


Today 85% of companies in the financial sector does not have systems or regression testing, enabling them to identify whether their capacity is adequate to give attention to all payments and transactions generated by their customers or partners; and likewise these entities make changes to their payment platforms aware of their risk against possible failures.


CLAI Group’s participation in the company of their new strategic partner CleverIs ™ Technologies, enabled the North American market to find new solutions for their payment platforms. Through its new Benchmark® solution CLAI Group proposes a complete environment for testing without relying on nothing but its platform, allowing tanks to emulate transactional, messaging formats and cryptography, leaving a relief resulting risks losing money or service availability at the time of trading.


Through realistic, automatic and monitor real-time tests, Benchmark® will allow financial institutions constantly monitor the behavior planning and optimization platforms.

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