• Integrated solution for handling credit card from “head to toe”
  • Multi-BIN and Multi-Brand
  • Franchise and private brands cards
  • Generates a file of die cut/record including EMV.
  • Plastic card inventory
  • Security pre-validation (including Full EMV) and terms of use
  • Fulfillment of PCI regulations
  • Great time up for online authorizations
  • Management of state of the account
  • Management of the balance of customer loyalty points.

The EVERYCARD®/CREDIT solution is not only one of the most complete existing in the market, but also, without a doubt, the most integral of all solutions, since it provides in just one technological platform all the “end-to-end” management tools of the credit card business, from the plastics inventory to generation of the printable monthly statement, including account balance management and parametric security validation among others.


EVERYCARD®/CREDIT is a multi-BIN and multi-brand solution, supporting both franchise credit cards (MasterCard®, Visa®, Diners®/Discover®, Amex®, etc.) as well as private brands based on microcircuit technology, electromagnetic band or mixed. The tools of the solution allow the support of the main card and the ones that are covered by it, but also corporate cards, as well as different categories by brand and plans by category.


For the administration of the payment way, EVERYCARD ©/CREDIT does the management of the state of each plastic as well as the inventory, allowing the support of the life cycle of every card, from the generation of it until its final annulment, including re-expeditions due to deterioration, loss or expiring, blocks/unblocks, terms of use and change of PIN. Parametric options are offered for the membership charges, insurance, and commissions.


For the management of transactions originated in the means of payment, EVERYCARD®/CREDIT validates the state of the account and the associated cards, all the security verifications (transactions with and without the card present) with strict compliance to the PCI regulations and of the franchises. Among the authorization process the verification of the rules of use according to the card is included, as well as the on-line vs available credit, with an excellent up-time, over 99.99%.


In relation to the application of transactions, the solution does the interest rate management and applicable deadlines for each movement, supporting adjustments, reversals, annulments and devolutions, allowing transitory hold of quota, over-rides, extra-financing and credit balance. Additionally, EVERYCARD®/CREDIT has the replica tools for easy interaction with fraud prevention systems and money laundering control.


Complete tools for easy connection and interaction with local networks, franchises (VEA, MIP, Globe, etc.) and own channels both virtual and physical are provided as part of the integral solution, as well as bank reconciliation (incoming, outgoing, countercharges), compensation, commissioning and liquidation, and also the generation of bank statements for the corresponding accounting.


For an optimal client service, EVERYCARD®/CREDIT supports the administration of the balance of points in the customer loyalty program, as well as on-line consulting for available credit, summary of the account ant the last movements by date range, The solution includes a series of tools for inquiries and verifications required for the attention of claims and handling controversies.


As for the collecting and handling of an obligation, multiple modalities of payment applications are supported with updates near the line of available credit. The solution provides the support for payment arrangements, as well as the management of accounts in coercive collecting.