• Integrated solution for the end-to-end management of the gift card.
  • Multi-brand.
  • Cards with barcode, magnetic band, or chip.
  • Inventory of plastics.
  • Security and state of the card pre-validations
  • Great time up for online authorizations
  • Support to online inquiries.

The EVERYCARD®/GIFT solution is not just a complete but also a totally integrated solution that allows the support, in just one technological platform the end-to-end management of the gift card business.


EVERYCARD®/GIFT is a multi-brand solution that supports cards of private brands, based on barcode, magnetic band, microchip, and mixed technologies, with different categories by brand and amounts per category, including among them corporate and pre-issued cards.


For the administration of the means of payment EVERYCARD®/GIFT makes the management of the state of each plastic and the inventory, allowing the support for the life cycle of each card, from its issuing until the final cancellation because of balance cero or expiration date; in this last case the tools for the administration of the remnant are provided.


For transactions originated in the means of payment, EVERYCARD®/GIFT makes a validation of the state of the card and the security parameters (card present). An on line authorization is done on the due balance, with an excellent time-up, greater than 99.99%. The solution supports adjustments, reversals, annulments, and refunds.


As an integral part of the solution complete tools are provided for easy connection and interaction with local networks, as well as the execution of bank reconciliation, compensation, commissioning, and liquidation processes, together with the generation of the balances for the corresponding accounting.


For optimal client service EVERYCARD®/GIFT provides support for on line inquiries of balance and last movements.