• Issuer, purchaser, or mixed role.
  • Management of security and cryptography.
  • Reconciliation (incoming, outgoing, and countercharges).
  • Compensation and calculation of commissions.
  • Inquiry tools for claim management.
  • Full EMV fulfillment.
  • PCI support.

Being part of the exchange business with franchises by AUTORIZA7®is an effective and successful task, covering Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Diners Club®/Discover®, among others.


Play the role of the issuer, the purchaser, or both, fulfilling the highest quality, security, and service availability standards.


AUTORIZA7® provides the back office functions required by franchises, allowing the making of reconciliation, compensation, commission calculation, management of countercharges, and management of claims processes.


AUTORIZA7® permits the fulfillment of technical functions, the regulations and agreements established by brands at the service level, for example standard EMV, PCI regulations, and periodical updates issued by the franchises.