• Remote setting of terminals.
  • Updates to support future manufacturer's ATM models.
  • Complete monitoring and control.
  • Processing transactions of any kind.
  • Support to dispensers, holders, barcode readers, and any other device.
  • Managerial tools.
  • Full EMV compliance.
  • PCI support.

With the software products from AUTORIZA7® you may manage your ATM owner network. The solution supports tellers from any brand, whether they are dispensers, holders, hybrids with recycled tapes, tellers with bags and a wide variety of devices, including biometric readers, and barcode readers, fulfilling at the same time the regulations required by brands on the interface and security, PCI, and EMV. For that we have:


Setting and monitoring of terminals


Design for the needs of your business, the displays, menus, transactions, publicity on your own ATM network, with speed and low cost. Separate the external administrative networks offering a highly personalized service to your clients. AUTORIZA7® allows you to set any kind of transaction with or without a card, band, or chip; it manages check and cash deposits, also dispenses coins and other elements; the limit is in your commercial needs. It incorporates an integral monitor, of top-down philosophy to control your net in a distributed or centralized way; the monitor immediately detects any problem, without limiting to just reflecting the alarms that the ATMs send through their automatic analysis or critical indicators agents, such as the amount of cash or the quality of the service by the authorizer, BIN or kind of transaction. It is not a passive monitor but from there the necessary actions for each ATM can be done, such as setting, change of keys or automatic delivery of commands.


Finally, to facilitate the initial installation and the future changes, there are tools of transactions simulation (regression tests), flow browsers on the ATM, application of new settings to just one or a limited group of terminals and the charge test option.


Transaction service


It handles the cryptographic keys of each terminal, supports MAC and the dynamic change o 3DES keys. It makes the automatic conversion to the authorizer key and can be set to make pre validations, including EMV chip.


The transactions that are received can be transformed into Visa®, MasterCard®, and other international brands, and also to any kind of format required by the national networks and the right authorizers. It supports any format based on ISO8583, TLV, XML or own. There is a choice of setting other security controls, such as limits by BIN or external client, and give off-line authorizations to own clients.


Back office Processes


The solution offers the most complete set of administration tools (back office), that covers services like analysis of alarm historical, availability statistics, profitability statistics, reconciliation, compensation, accounting, commissioning, administration of charges and discharges, and tools for engineering analysis.


In relation to the integral clearing, the solution automatically handles the ATMs journals, makes reconciliation, compensation, and account balance, and account balance among cash charges; it includes the tools for case analysis and response to counter charges, the generation of balances, and statistics on transactional quality.


To optimize cash management it has the functions for calculating the optimal charge searching to reduce operational costs and establish routes and schedules of charging/recharging of cash. These choices come with the tools for services control offered by the companies that transport cash.


With the AUTORIZA7® modules managing your ATMs will not require to install additional monitoring solutions, additional platforms to make back office processes, nor the installation of external encrypting boxes, because it offers, in just one server, all the functions including complete monitoring, cash management, automatic reconciliation-balance, and all the cryptographic services needed, among others.


Administering your ATM network with AUTORIZA7® is having a guarantee of low costs, broad range of services and optimal security, everything on a solution of quick implementation and simple operation.