• Support of a broad range of physical terminals.
  • Business network and terminals administration.
  • Constant fulfillment of regulations, updates, and new technologies.
  • Easy setting and service to new kinds of transactions.
  • Reconciliation, compensation, payment to commerce, and commissioning.

With the software products of AUTORIZA7® you can manage your POS owner network. The solution supports terminals from the main market brands, being these wireless devices (WAN) or counter (LAN), with support to complementary elements such as PIN Pad and fingerprint reader, fulfilling at the same time the regulations required by the brands on interface and security, PCI and EMV. For that we have:


Administration of commercial networks and terminals


AUTORIZA7® allows the administration of independent POS networks in the same solution. AUTORIZA7® has the tools that allow having an inventory of terminals and affiliated commerce, controlling the relation among terminals, stores and commerce. As part of the administration o the net there are tools to fix transactional tops for each device, service availability schedules, and controls by commerce.


It incorporates an integral monitor, of top-down philosophy to control your network in a centralized way; the monitor immediately detects any problem, through its agents on automatic analysis of critical indicators such as the service state by authorizer, BIN or kind of transaction. Additionally, the monitor allows to register and do follow up of possible security alarms received from the devices. It is not a passive monitor but from there the necessary actions over each terminal can be done, such as forcing the closing of a lot, make changes of keys, and updating the settings.

Finally, to facilitate the initial installation and the future changes, there are tools of transactions simulation (regression tests), and an option of charge tests. CLAI makes the periodical delivery of updates of the regulatory changes and updates with new functions.


Transaction service


It handles the cryptographic keys of each terminal, supports MAC, the dynamic change of 3DES keys and the only keys derived for each transaction (DUKPT). It makes the automatic conversion to the authorizer key and can be set to make pre validations, including the ones of EMV chip.


The transactions that are received can be transformed into Visa®, MasterCard®, and other international brands, and also to any kind of format required by the national networks and the right authorizers. It supports any format based on ISO8583, TLV, XML or own. There is a choice of setting other security controls, such as limits by BIN or external client, and give off-line authorizations to own clients.


Back office processes


The solution offers the most complete set of managerial tools (back office), that cover services such as analysis of alarm historical, availability statistics, profitability statistics, reconciliation, compensation, accounting, commissioning, control of open lots, closing of lots including the administration of accounting dates and calendar and payments to commerce.

In terms of the integral balance of the lot, the solution automatically administers the “up load”, makes the reconciliation and compensation; it includes the tools for the case analysis and responses to counter charges, the generation of balances, and statistics of transactional quality.


With the AUTORIZA7® modules managing your POS will not require to install additional monitoring solutions, additional platforms to make back office processes, nor the installation of external encrypting boxes, because it offers, in just one server, all the functions including complete monitoring, cash management, automatic reconciliation-balance, and all the cryptographic services needed, among others.


Administering your POS network with AUTORIZA7® is having a guarantee of low costs, broad range of services and optimal security, everything on a solution of quick implementation and simple operation.