Pre-validation and Autorization Services Stand-In

Validations at card level, cryptography and EMV

  • Supports multiple security validations, inclunding EMV FULL and terms and conditions of use.
  • It is in charge of all the pre validations required and that cannot be implemented in central authorizers.
  • Supports multiple security validations and terms of use.
  • Can automatically deny transactions and make them visible to the central authorizer.
  • Can be set in any originating channel and means of payment.
  • Makes the Stand In authorization in case of scheduled or unscheduled falls of the central authorizers.

In the role of issuer, AUTORIZA7® makes the validations at the card level, among which it includes: state, amount and transaction limit (daily, by transaction, by client, by channel), PIN, CVV/CVC/CVC2 and EMV validations(ARQC, ARPC y Scripts), among others. In the role of the purchaser, AUTORIZA7® makes validations of limit by country, issuer, BIN, and card. If one or more of the validations are not approved according to the service agreements and business terms, the transaction may be immediately denied or sent to the authorizers so that they will deny in last instance and have visibility of the event. The validations may be set independently by BIN, so that they are adjusted to the characteristics of each client segment.


In the issuer role, for transactions without a card present, such as Internet Banking, mobile payments, and audio response, AUTORIZA7® makes the following: audio response PIN, usage limits by channel and dynamic PIN.


To guarantee an optimal availability of transactional services, AUTORIZA7® supports with great efficiency the authorization off line (Stand In), in cases such as programmed and not programmed falls of primary authorizers, extent of the time lapse for answering, or saturation of the same. As inherent characteristics of the off-line authorization from AUTORIZA7® all the mechanisms to keep parallel database in an automatic way are provided.