• Functional coverage from start to finish
  • Issuing and management of life cycle of all kinds of cards.
  • It provides on line service for transactions from any channel.
  • Easy integration with the central banking system
  • Makes all validations of security and terms of use.
  • Administers operations and inquiries about means of payment.
  • Makes bank conciliations, compensation and billing for services.
  • Easy integration with other systems and regulation compliance.

The integral platform for the administration of cards covers, from start to finish, all the requirements for administering prepaid cards. The solution covers issuing, service for financial and administrative transactions and all the necessary back office processes.


EVERYCARD®/PREPAID allows you to issue franchise and private Brand cards (Maestro®, MasterCard Debit®, Electron®, Visa Debit®, etc.) either from magnetic band, microchip, or both. It gives support to the administration of corporate cards, the administration of pre issued and personalized cards, and the administration of categories in each brand based on affinity groups. To make the issuing process easier, the EVERYCARD®/DEBIT platform controls the management of inventory and life cycle of the plastic cards. Once the issuing is done, all the tools necessary for the management of the life cycle of the card are available.


For on line service for transactions with this means of payment, EVERYCARD®/PREPAID includes the tools for a very easy connection and interaction with local networks, franchises (VEA, MIP, Globe, etc.) and with owned channel. In each transaction, it makes the cryptographic security validations, the state of the card, terms of use and control of available credit. All this is done in an optimal performance environment and continuous availability of the service. The transactional authorizer, gives support to adjustments, reversals, annulments, refunds, and transitory freezing on available credit.


The back office tools of the EVERYCARD®/PREPAID platform include the administration of the means of payment (blocks, unblocks, balance transfer, change of PIN and terms of use) and the ones that are necessary for managing inquiries and claim solutions. It generates an account balance and associated balances, delivers flexible inquiries of the last movements and handles reloads for automatic debit and massive reloads.


For the control of the profitability of the business the solution offers multiple parametric options for membership charges, insurance and commissions and it incorporates all the tools of bank conciliation, compensation and commissioning. It quickly integrates with systems of fraud prevention, money laundering control, and customer loyalty. All of these in constant compliance with security regulations such as PCI and the franchises regulations.