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One of the factors that allow a financial company to quickly implement services that are at the forefront of the market and its environment, is to have a strategic ally that provides the tools to advance quickly, and that additionally does not take long to the attention to their requirements, whether due to problems of adjustment with their hourly sector or the distance of the language of the parties.


Many Latin companies today find themselves day-to-day with these distances that do not allow them to carry out their implementations agilely, since in addition the specific ignorance of the environment and business rules can affect the understanding of technological projects.


It is precisely for this reason that it is essential to have the time, language and knowledge of the region where it is desired to expand or even export banking services; Grupo CLAI has been outstanding thanks to its effort to expand its regional presence, more and more close to its clients and including among its scheme to work with the local talent of each one of the regions; with the objective of providing the best support to its clients, the Group inaugurated the last one, in the exclusive sector of San Isidro in Lima, Peru, with the objective of consolidating 6 offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. to continue to leave its seal of quality with its platforms to serve the end-to-end transaction process.


"It is not true that the most flexible, agile and quality service is received by the financial entities that contract their Payment Platforms through intermediaries of companies that serve in another language, other schedules and have to make the developments to India; for that reason CLAI continues in its effort to give its standardized service the closest to our esteemed clients, in their language and with the local talent; proof of the success of this model is that more than 60% of multi-country financial institutions, both in Central and South America, have had AUTORIZA7® as a fundamental pillar for their regional expansion. "Fernando Carmona, CEO Grupo CLAI


With a view to continuing to open new offices in more countries on the continent, the Group continues to strengthen and identify itself as the perfect ally for regional banks, not only thanks to its comprehensive transactional assistance portfolio, but also to its accompanying model and support your customers


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