analysis and optimization

Get all the information that you need to monitor and optimize your networks from any place.

Payment Systems

Continuous surveillance to your systems performance

Programmable and permanent monitoring from your payment platform through real-time indicators. Under this scheme you will be able to even withstand indicators for your functional tests; you can find all of this and more in AZ7®.

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Real-time ATM

Complete control over your ATM network in real-time

Assure the service of your cash machine network with a comprehensive monitor that allows you to manage the operation, security and handle events remotely from all your ATM network .

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Prepare your systems with precise estimations

PAYTESTER® Allows you to anticipate high transactionality events with performance valuations that our platform executes and records constantly over your system. This information is critical to properly optimize and handle the usage of your resources

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Channels and connections Simulator

Optimize your platform and create independent and realistic testing environments

Speed up your test development generating the transactions and intercommunications inside a realistic environment with the simulator that PAYTESTER® integrates to its comprehensive testing platform.

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