channels and payment methods management

Manage all your channels and payment methods thoroughly and without limitations

ATM Networks

Easily implement ATM Networks to your payment infrastructure without any middleman

Capitalize your business and manage your own cash machine networks centrally with AZ7®, facilitating all the operation and control interactions of your terminals.

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POS Networks

Complete control over your commerces and points of sale

Get complete management of all your devices through one solution, AZ7® will allow you not only to control batches, but to assure your transactions and monitor your operation.

channel payment methods management

Complete Card Solution

Work with any kind of card with complete safety

EVERYCARD® Not only allows you to process transactions with any kind of card, but it also can manage their life cycle; from the plastics inventory, their expedition, to personalization and configuration of the use rules according to your needs.

Credit Core
for Cards

Easily manage your customers financing plans

EVERYCARD® will allow you to handle plans, credits and financing of your clients. Helping you with your payment methods operations easily and without setbacks, all in a single solution

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