• Independent parametric for each participant.
  • Complete automatized and manual bank reconciliation (incoming, outgoing and countercharges) transactions.
  • Tools for inquiries for claim management.
  • Compensation module.
  • Analysis tools for business decision making.
  • Generation and delivery of statements.

Making the bank reconciliation, compensation, and commissioning processes through AUTORIZA7® with your network participants (franchises, processors, own nets, and any other entity or agent with which you have a transactional exchange) becomes a chore with a high degree of automatization, trustworthiness, and the compliance of the required security standards, including PCI.


AUTORIZA7® delivers a complete and intuitive environment of settings that will allow you to manage the information of all participants in your network, providing service for each participant in an independent manner, considering the unique adjustment characteristics of each participant (issuer, purchaser, or mixed role, business conditions, balance structures, and exchange mechanism).


With AUTORIZA7® you can fulfill the complete bank reconciliation process, supporting the reconciliation session, charging the statements received (incoming, journals, and others), pre-reconciliation (optional), reconciliation, manual adjustment of transactions (support service to cases) and the generation of reports. The process can be done manually or automatic and simultaneous for many networks.


AUTORIZA7® provides wide functionality, with a friendly interface and enough information to cover the operational and client service processes (support to cases, claims, and countercharges).


Inquiry of transactions can be made by different search levels (card, terminal, date, BIN, and participant).


In terms of the compensation process among participants of the exchange, AUTORIZA7® provides the group of tools needed to establish the amounts to be compensated by each participant and from there to know the net balance position. AUTORIZA7® allows you to calculate with accuracy the amount for which payments or charges of commissions must be made according to the relation established for each couple of purchaser-issuer, both for monetary transactions as well as for the non-monetary ones, including the management of exceptions. The calculation for the commissioning includes network trafficking, switch services, exchange commissions, and surchange, among others. AUTORIZA7® offers a tool so that based on the commission structure and operation costs the transactional profitability cube is designed to support managerial decision making.


Additionally, AUTORIZA7® has all the necessary functions to fulfill the generation and delivery of transactional statements, outgoing, and reports required by franchises and other participants of the Exchange, as well as by the regulatory national and international entities.

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