• Continuous availability model Active-Active
  • Two or more parallel transactional hubs
  • Dynamic balance of charge
  • Authorization support in Stand-In
  • Management of alternate routes
  • Crypto graphic redundancy

AUTORIZA7® offers a processing model tolerant to flaws and high redundancy during the whole process of acquisition and authorization of transactions, including in it all the pertinent cryptographic processes. The tolerant to flaws is based on a cluster scheme of two sites in the Active-Active modality.


The solution offers parallel processing ensuring that in the event of any kind of flaw in any of the flow points of the transaction, there is a redundant way for delivery to the authorizer. Parallel processing is supported in a multi-layer design made up of: Front balancer, transactional hubs, and Stand In.


Front balancer


This layer receives transactions sent by the acquiring channels and distributes them to the parallel transactional hubs, to share the charge in its two motors.


Transactional Hubs


This layer has INTERSITE communication, so that if the communication with any of the primary authorizers is not available in one site, it i sable to send the transaction to another site to retry delivering the message to the authorizer.


Stand In


Continuous availability is complemented with a sound Stand In solution. Through a tool of logical replication the mirror of the data bases is kept among the two parallel transactional hubs.