At CLAI PAYMENTS® we are always looking for strategic alliances exhaustive quality evaluations and strict compliance with international standards for payment applications, to provide payment platforms of excellent quality, reliable and stable with an exceptional service.

Below you will find more information on PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) compliance along with our partnership with IBM®.

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Registered Business Partner

Thanks to the IBM® Partnership strategic alliance program, we have the backing of this technology giant. This alliance grants CLAI the opportunity to obtain firsthand the technological innovations and developments to continue articulating with IBM® the best solutions to attend the transactional process from end to end.

Collaboration agreement with Agencia Escrow

Seeking to guarantee our clients’ investment and protect the intellectual property of CLAI PAYMENTS®, we have registered our products under a special contract that covers the interests of both parties, assuring that our customers have the desired access inside the products from the moment of acquisition.

Payment Application
Data Security Standard

(PA-DSS) v. 3.2 Validated

PA-DSS is a standard created to help software vendors develop secure payment applications that support PCI-DSS compliance.


To comply with the standard, the software provider must have its payment application audited by a qualified security advisor (PA QSA), which requires compliance with the 14 established requirements.

Our AZ7® platform is certified under these standards and all our solutions meet the requirements demanded by international bodies.

If you want to know the requirements that the PA-DSS demands, you can consult them here


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