Enabler for Cores Migration

Alternatives that facilitate and streamline your projects

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  • It helps reduce time, costs, and implementing risks of a new central system.
  • Allows very real simulations of channels and charge tests.
  • Allows a quick transactional replica to the pre-production environment of the new Core.
  • Makes the White progress and the stepped start up easier.
  • If necessary, it facilitates the roll back process.

Any change in the central bank system is a complex project that requires major adaptations and long certification processes oriented to guarantee that the new Core meets the minimum standards against the previous system. The transactional channels that are communicated with banking Core for the authorization of operations, are one of the most critical elements to keep in mind, that is why this process implies living with both systems for functionality validations, pre-production, or contingency in events that affect the company´s productivity, which makes the activity even more complicated.


When the organization has the AUTORIZA7® products, it has various alternatives that ease and speed up the project, and also allow a controlled white progress with the new banking Core.


One of these alternatives consists in simulating the connection of all the channels with the new Core, inside a test environment. Through the charge tests module of AUTORIZA7®, the backup of the production messages of the previous day are used, supported by the Core to be replaces, to make an injection of the seam in a test environment in which the new Core is found. The previous allows to perform a test that equals what happened in the productive environment getting as close as possible to the conditions of the real production, so as to verify in a parallel way the functioning of the new Cores. This alternative highlights because it is a noninvasive process that makes Core certification easier.


Another option that is used successfully in entities of great importance, is the implementation of AUTORIZA7® with its connection modules, transactional motor, automatic process controller, and router, to act as an intermediate switch between the channels and networks and the Core to be replaced.


The software allows setting a message step (pass-through) in a clear way for both instances. This installation allows AUTORIZA7® to replicate the same transactions in real time to the new banking Core and in this way concurrently verify its functionality with respect to the actual Core allowing the correction of flaws in the new Core. Figure 1 shows this scheme.


With this alternative it is possible to make a staggered or a total production step of the channels and transaction that the central system supports, since the change of direction of the transactions to be supported by the new Core is a fast activity that can be done by channel at the moment that the beginning of production of the new solution is decided. Also, the parallel functioning of both Cores can be maintained for the necessary time, so as to have a post-production support for migration. The post production stage scheme is shown in Figure 2.

At the exchange of information among applications level, the process is considerably made easier, due to the interpreting and message generating tools that the system has, that are adjustable to any format. Thus, if the new banking Core communicates in a messaging format different to the one used by the old Core, there is no need to make changes or modify the related developments, this will be adjusted by the parametric of the new Core that lets it adapt to the new format.


Finally, a fundamental factor in these processes is the human resource, and it is here that CLAI counts with specialized personnel, with years of experience in migration of central systems, and connections to new platforms, certifications of franchises, authorizer networks or transaction generators.

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