Connect payments anytime, anywhere
Revamp your payment platform with a complete and simplified payment solution
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Unlimited growth with new possibilities in multiple channels
Innovate your payment services and obtain an omnichannel payment platform, delivering the best experience to your clients
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Expedite the deployment of new payment services
Facilitate the implementation of channels, transactions and more solutions for your clients, all the while reducing operating costs
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Strengthen your payment business with fast and simplified solutions

A reliable solution to connect your clients, simplifying and making your payment architecture profitable. Achieving rapid growth in an omnichannel environment with digital payments while maintaining the security and compliance of your platform with lower costs for your business.

Trust a high-performance scheme


More than 28 years of experience.

17 countries with successful implementations

8 regional offices

More than 400 solutions implemented



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How do you deal with the impact of Covid-19 on your ATM network?

COVID-19 has imposed on us new ways to behave socially no one has ever imagined. It made us value daily activities that we once took for granted. The impact of COVID-19 on how users are interacting with ATM networks will never be the same and will set the tone for what is to come.  Today, there is a question of how soon banks and financial institutions can swiftly provide a safer, secure and easier ATM interface that would require less physical interaction – fast.