Business Cryptographic Server

All cryptographic services on a

single system

  • Administration of the physical environment.
  • Administration of keys.
  • Classical financial functions (PIN, CVV, CVV2, CVC, CVC2,) and EMV.
  • Administration of keys derived from each transaction (DUKTP).
  • Concurrent access from multiple applications
  • Possibility of enabling external systems to make use of the cryptographic server.

The protection and security of your information and of that of your clients, in a world more and more globalized and in which data exchange is more frequent each time, with new technologies and regulations quickly emerging, force companies to dedicate to the protection of information, more technological resources and highly qualified personnel in the management of complex cryptographic systems, which usually means great cost, more time implementing secure functions and a constant effort for the entities.


The challenges are broad and wide, they go from the validation and authenticity of the client and the safe exchange of transactional messages, to the protection of documents by digital signature, protection against magnetic band cards cloning, and integrated circuits, as well as guidelines and standards to guarantee the security of account information and keys of the card holders, by implementing regulations such as PCI, and emergent technologies like the use of keys derived for each transaction (DUKPT).


The problematic is not only complex because of the broad functionality it must cover, but because the financial entity must apply this capacity in all the modules of its computers central systems, as well as provide the cryptographic services required by the channels (ATM,POS, kiosks) with the networks and franchises.


To address this problematic, many entities, in spite of the high operational and financial cost, go to the old scheme of filling their computer center with external cryptographic boxes (HSM) and make stronger investments in implementing interfaces among modules of their central computer systems and these boxes, where additionally, they must include in each module and own system pieces of software for the administration of the work keys.


To face and make the solution easier to this challenges and requirements for each business, CLAI provides the Strong Business Cryptographic Server, in an environment of continuous and safe availability, optimal process speed and broad scalability taking advantage of the awarded capabilities of the IBM® Power platform, that together with a strong, safe and adaptable solution, of high performance and complete functional coverage, integrates cryptographic hardware with administration software, simplifying the delivery of all the required functions of companies to obtain the crypto graphical services needed in each system and module of their organization.


The main success criteria of the Business Crypto graphical Server, for the companies that use it are:


  • Provide all the crypto graphical services in just one system, avoiding filling their computer center with external HSM boxes of various models and having to verify constantly that the boxes will support the growth and intermittences of the business services (top peaks of service usage) and constant changes in standards and regulations.
  • Incorporate all the administration tools of the physical environment, master keys, work keys, and operational processes, avoiding that the business must build each module or its own central system, redundant software pieces, that is what happens when the classical external cryptographic boxes.
  • Unprecedented flexibility and ease in use so that their central systems and adjacent modules can access to the cryptographic services due to the fact that multiple protocol and communication options are offered and of optimized and simplified messaging.


With the constant disclosure of updates, CLAI guarantees that the latest technological advances, functions, and regulations, are used and delivered to the companies for their use and fulfillment.