Complete Interface with

Processors and Local Networks

Simplify the creation of new connections, financial products and services

Interfaz de conexion con procesadores y redes locales
  • Enabling connections with franchises and local networks.
  • Security management.
  • Monitoring and automatic control.
  • Off line authorization.
  • High availability scheme.
  • Reconciliation (incoming, outgoing, and countercharges).
  • Tools for inquiry for management of claims.
  • Business behavior analysis (transactional quality, profitability, and                performance, among others).

Establish connection as issuer, purchaser, or both, with any franchise or local network through AUTORIZA7® is an easy, fast, and effective task. AUTORIZA7® simplifies the creation of new connections, financial products and services, keeping the highest quality and security levels, without limitations in terms of communication protocols and message formats. Due to its high performance level a flowing relation with franchises and local networks is guaranteed.


Ensure the availability levels and service quality established by the business, even under critical scenarios, through the control capacity and automatic monitoring of AUTORIZA7®, continuously supervising the works, critical communication sessions in the business, balancing processes according to transactional charge, external processes control (agents), and schemes for off line authorizations, as well as functioning under a high availability (non-stop) scheme.


Use AUTORIZA7® to fulfill the laws, regulations, and transactional service agreements (availability, integrity, and security), with the complete set of cryptographic tools for the support of any security requirement, including, among others, MAC 3DES, EMV validations, PCI compliance, and periodical application of the franchise regulations.


AUTORIZA7® allows making reconciliation, compensation, and commissioning processes, including management franchise incoming and outgoing files, the countercharges processing, and the inquiry tools for claims management. AUTORIZA7® integrates among the back office processes a complete set of personalized reports for the fulfillment of national and international regulations.


For the generation and management of managerial information AUTORIZA7® offers a complete set of tools that allow generating and presenting data about the business behavior, such as transactional quality, profitability, and performance, among others.