Direct Connection with

Business associates

Facilitate the creation of new products and services of your platform, support any type of communication protocol and

messaging format

  • Set up of connections with actors of the market.
  • Security management.
  • Report generation for normative regulation fulfillment.
  • Business behavior analysis (transactional quality, profitability and performance, among others).
  • Bank reconciliation (incoming, outgoing, and countercharges), compensation, and commissioning.
  • Tools for inquiry for claims management.

Establishing a direct transactional connection with your business associates (Host-to-Host-H2H connections) by AUTORIZA7® is an effective and successful task, allowing the interaction with the different market actors, for example with public services companies, transport companies, government entities, retail chains.


AUTORIZA7® simplifies the creation of new services and products, keeping the highest quality and security standards in each one of the connections requested to be set up. With AUTORIZA7® you can create relations with your business associates through the use of flexible tools that support any kind of communication protocol or messaging format while at the same time it responds to your business expectations. Your business will have the ability to broaden the service at a local and regional level, without the need for intermediation with processors and local networks.


AUTORIZA7® allows making bank reconciliation, compensation, and commissioning processes including handling countercharges and the tools for inquiry for the claims management. It integrates a complete set of personalized reports for the fulfillment of national and international regulations.


For the generation and management of information on a managerial status, AUTORIZA7® offers a complete set of tools that allow the generation and presentation of data on the business behavior, such as transactional quality, profitability, performance, among others.