Interface with other

service channels

Facilitate integrated channel management and control

  • Transactional interfaces with “owner” channels
  • Cryptography and security management.
  • Pre-validations and Business Terms support
  • Stand In authorization.
  • PCI fulfillment.

In order to adequately assist clients all financial entities are forced to implement a various number of “owner” Distribution Channels, some of them the classic Banking Agencies, Audio Answer, Web pages, and others more recent or in expansion such as the Kiosks and mobile applications. At the same time these are named “owner” channels because the equipment, platforms, and interfaces are unique by institution and usually do not follow any standards.


The “owner” channels complement the other more standardized Channels of Distribution that are interconnections with the National and International Networks (franchises) of ATMs and POS, in the case of more independent financial entities, the network that owns the POS and ATMs. They are called “standardized” because they must fulfill the regulations that the franchises, national networks, and POS and ATM manufacturers impose.


The implementation, operation, and maintenance of the different “owner” Distribution Channels requires a high investment of financial, contractual, and operational resources, and a high demand for tailor made developments in ambitious times, generally facing problems such as:


  • Interface replication to receive and apply the transactions in the central systems and different technological platforms, which also forces them to have specialized personnel, both in engineering as in operations and client service, independently for each channel.
  • Difficulty in applying business changes, for example a new transaction, because the Project needs to be multiplied by the number of channels. The same happens with regulatory changes and new technologies (i.e. EMV).
  • Functional limitations to monitor, control, generate statistics, and integrate the information of channels to other entity systems (accounting, fraud analysis, performance analysis, reconciliation, among others).


To facilitate the management and integrated control of the “owner” channels, significantly decreasing the implementation, operation, and maintenance costs, and at the same time speeding up and making any setup of a new requirement easier, the AUTORIZA7® transactional platform provides all the components to face any channel in an integrated way an a layer design that at the same time separates the processes and interfaces already matured with the central systems and any other complementary system that the financial entity has.


AUTORIZA7® platform provides a set of tools necessary to flexibly set the interfaces required by the business.






One of the greatest benefits of integrating the “owner” channels by AUTORIZA7® is that it is possible to reuse any existing interface with the central authorizers, other entity systems including external entities because the platform can manage an automatic conversion of different messaging. This also makes any change in the central systems easier, without impact on the channel and vice versa.


The design provided by AUTORIZA7® platform also allows that it can easily integrate any new channel (even change the channel), and apply the common validations of security and Business Terms. Additionally, the AUTORIZA7® solution has all the necessary functions to make Stand In and S&F authorization of transactions in the event of unavailability of central authorizers.