Payment Hub

All tools for assembly, operation, administration

and growth of the payment platform

  • Wide transaction portfolio.
  • Enables the interaction of various market actors.
  • Tools for setup, operation, administration, and growth of the payment platform.
  • Security management.
  • Offline authorization.
  • Adaptation to the particular characteristics of each exchange participant.
  • Complete support to messaging and communication protocols, and file exchange processes.
  • Quick adaptation to normative and regulation changes.
  • Management of different transactional channels (traditional/non traditional)
  • Tools for automatization of operational processes and monitoring in real time of the incidences of each of the participants of the exchange.
  • Business behaviour analysis.
  • Reconciliation (incoming, outgoing, and countercharges), compensation and commissioning.
  • Tools for continuous measurement of client service quality.

The evolution of the transactional market has taken the financial entities to offer to their clients a broader set of transactions than the typical banking transactions. Among them it is of critical importance to support the interaction among various actors, between them, and between them and the financial institution so as to process the payment of goods and services, through the implementation of complex and at the same time versatile transactions, as much online as a Batch.


In order to fulfill this business necessity AUTORIZA7® provides all the tools for the setup, operation, administration, and growth of the payment platform characterized by a high level of availability, fulfillment of the most strict regulations for secure financial transactions, administration of high transactional charges, support to off line authorization, and flexible adaptability to the specific characteristics of each participant of the exchange, also supporting the administration of different ways of payment.


With the payment platform offered by AUTORIZA7® business management does not have to worry about things like the characteristics of messaging of the participants, communication protocols, file exchange processes, security validations, nor the timely application of regulatory changes. This way the management of the business can focus most of its effort to customer loyalty, and growth of client base, extending the number of participants in the exchange, and the growth of commercial partnerships.


AUTORIZA7® payment platform delivers all the solutions for the management of different kinds of transactional channels, including among these classic devices such as ATM and POS and new alternatives such as e-commerce, and mobile payments, for processing of individual online transactions, notwithstanding previously AUTORIZA7® has the capacity to serve as means for transaction processing in batch, interchanges in files, thus allowing automate services and implementation of recurring payments, direct billing, payment on a paycheck or payroll, payments to business supplier, etc.


For a high performance daily operation, AUTORIZA7® payment platform, offers all the tools for high automatization of operational processes, monitoring incidences with each participant of the exchange in real time. Additionally, it offers statistics tools for decision making by the top leaders of the business.


AUTORIZA7® is not limited to the online management services but it also provides, on the same technological platform, a whole set of solutions for the back office processes. AUTORIZA7® supports making reconciliation, compensation, and commissioning processes with each participant of the exchange, going through a series of ESPs. As an integral part of these solutions the tools necessary for the administration of countercharges and solutions of controversies are included.


To optimize the profitability of the alliances, AUTORIZA7® provides a set of tools for continuous measuring of client service quality, the use of transactional services by each participant, the quality of the transactions attended, and the implicit cost of them, presenting them as parameters on a profitability cube.