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  • Protects stored data of the card holder
  • Protects the number of the main account (PAN) in any place where it is stored.
  • It provides cryptographic services to any system of the company.
  • Provides administrative tools for control, monitoring, administration of cryptographic keys, and statistic generation.

To fulfill the PCI regulation in reference to the protection of the card number in all databases of all systems in which the financial entity stores them, AUTORIZA7® provides the necessary tools to comply with this requirement making use of the Virtual Token method that consists of providing a fictitious number that replaces the real card number in all the databases. This methodology is highly advantageous against others because it is not necessary to make complex cryptographic processes in each one of the applications of the financial entity, with an important fact in the economy of scale.


The solution offered by AUTORIZA7® for this process consists of a centralized corporate server on an IBM © platform with Cryptographic card, which services may be used by any of the company´s systems. This solution is characterized by a high availability, supports a scheme of recuperating from disaster and excellent performance both in batch processes as on line. The database of this solution of Tokens is stored encrypted and in a secure environment the real number of each card, fulfilling the important requirement of PCI.


By a simple setting procedure, initial conversion of the actual numbers of cards on tokens and a flexible interface on line for future tokening, and untokening, the applications of your organization can easily and on a short time completely cover the requirement.


For the daily operation of the AUTORIZA7® solution it provides administrative tools of control, monitoring, administration of cryptographic keys, and generation of statistics, inside an audited environment according to the highest industry standards.