• Simulation of any cannel that originates transactions.
  • Simultaneous execution of various charge tests.
  • Speed and length of delivery controls.
  • Delivery of specific and regression tests manual.
  • Results´ analysis
  • Response time of switch and authorizers.
  • Availability of general service and at the communications level.

AUTORIZA7® provides a complete set of tools that allow the measurement of performance of the on line transactional systems; to do these measurements the charge tests methodologies are used, functional and regression tests. Knowing the performance of the on line systems is crucial for making decisions regarding the actual and future capacity of hardware and software resources.


Charge tests


Through the use of tools for testing charge provided by AUTORIZA7® the switch AUTORIZA7® component can be put down to stress, as well as the different on line authorizers with which switch interacts, including the ones available on Stand-In and the new authorizers that the entity is in the process of implementing. In this context the tools provided allow to detect bottlenecks and performance flaws in the communication components.


With the data obtained by this stress tests, processing flaws are detected and corrected, the AUTORIZA7® switch setting, and the hardware resources is tuned in for optimal performance. The solution allows the prediction and the moment and broadness of the increases in the hardware resources.


Regression tests and functional tests


Given the fact that one of the main causes of incidence in production is the application of changes in software or hardware that affect what was working well, the AUTORIZA7® tools allow the simulation of the behavior of the whole system in an environment as similar as possible to the real production so as to verify if the applied changes did not deteriorate the performance of the complete system. In case of implementing new functions the tools provided allow the speed iup of the “time to market”.