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At CLAI we strive to maintain direct and open communication channels with our customers, strengthening both their business and our relationships

Benefits and tools

at your disposal

Acquiring our products and solutions, your company gets access to different services

that will help you make the most of your payment platform, train your team and have the specialized support in the areas you require.

specialized services tools for your business

Specialized training

Receive training focused on the products you have acquired and strengthen your knowledge in this regard. Get the most out of your AZ7® payment platform.

Consultancy in transactional systems

Do you have any questions? Our specialists are there to offer complete attention, providing advice your projects to facilitate the implementation and scope of your plans.

High research and development standards

Perceive the benefits of a research and development team working constantly to improve products, as well as find new solutions for your transactional needs.

Guarantee contracts with flexible SLA

Clear conditions and agreements, adjusted to your requirements and focused on improving your business.

version updates

Keep your platforms up to date with the latest advances developed by CLAI thanks to our biennial updates.

Periodic delivery of regulatory changes

Maintain your systems under the highest international standards and regulations with continuous updates.

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