Accept any payment efficiently, integrate all your channels and allies through a single solution




Maximum simplification and use of an integrated Payments System


Make montage, operation, management and growth easy in your platform; AZ7® possess everything you need to offer transactional integrity and the neccesary communications that will allow you to obtain a 100% available, safe and efficient platform. An extremely complete solution without language or connectivity limitations.




All the tools you need to grow


AZ7® Has everything that you require to offer the best experience for your customers, optimizing communications in parallel to all your institutional infrastructure. A complete solution whitout laguage or connectivity boundaries, available to improve your business operation performance.




Give to your clients access to a unique payment experience, allowing new and more service posibilities


Set up any kind of payment channels in no time with AZ7®. The pre-configurations and standards that our platform owns give you the upper hand when it comes to open owned channels or communicate with allies and networks, allowing you to accomplishh crystal clear and profitable management.

High Availability in Active-Active payment systems


Bring to your customers true high availability with your own resources


Keep your systems going steadily with AZ7®. Configure two or more transactional hubs to process in tandem and continuosly, assuring that yor services are available even  when facing failures, disaster attention events or new services being implemented.

Accept any payment efficiently, integrate all your channels and allies through a single solution

Alta disponibilidad en sistemas

de pago



Brinde a sus clientes el verdadero high availability con sus recursos


Mantenga en operación constante sus sistemas con AZ7®. Configure dos o más hubs transaccionales para procesar en paralelo y continuamente, asegurando que sus servicios estén disponibles incluso ante fallas, eventos de atención de desastres o integración de nuevos servicios para sus clientes