• On line for each cash position.
  • Projects the ending of cash and charge route
  • Recommends optimal charge and future charge
  • Comparative control of operations requested and done
  • Control of billing of services to transport companies.
  • Management of multiple coins and denominations

The efficient use of cash on the net that owns the ATM and Bank Agencies makes up one of the most complex, expensive and risky tasks of all the financial entity or processer; on many occasions, these labors are done without the adequate tools and procedures that allow the appropriate management (that is: planning, obtaining, preparing, cargo, transport, unloading, and monitoring), causing an increase in costs and risks, making the operation hard for the personnel in charge, with the corresponding impact on service to the final client.


To face this problematic, CLAI provides software tools and services that are focused on getting the following objectives:


  • Reducing costs associated to the cash supply chain.
  • Help optimize final client service both in the general availability of cash as well as the required denominations.
  • Automatize processes such as route planning and recharge amounts, cash requests to providers and billing services control.
  • Easily control and monitor all the chain by means of intuitive tools and reports that support decision making.


The solution allows management of multiple coins and denominations and it keeps updating permanently so as to support all kinds of bills and coins, introduction of recycling machines, new billing agreements, operative and physical distribution of the net and cost parameters.


For the achievement of these objectives the solution for cash management offers capabilities such as:


  • Projecting with high accuracy when the money will be finished on each location and indicate the optimal charge that must be done (in the “right on time” modality), all that calculated based on the parameter of cost of all the supplying chain.
  • Dynamic adaptation to information changes such as constant analysis of what really happened to better tune in the projections, introduction of new denominations, events on the net and client behavior, and changes on the costs of physical infrastructure of the supplying chain.
  • Automatic operation of projection processes, charge and discharge requests, and calculating the billing services of providers (suppliers and transporters).
  • Integral monitoring of the cash position on each location or collection center, projection history, charges, transactions and other operations. It includes comparative inquiries, such as projected<>requested<>executed, statistical inquiries of costs, events, remains, and simulation tools.
  • Knowledge on the cash demand (business intelligence) in office or agencies and ATM, by reports with information on:


  • Of higher and less demand
  • Average demand
  • Places with more movement and places with less movement (Input and output of cash).
  • Offices or agencies that collect cash
  • Offices or agencies that demand cash


The solution can be implemented directly in the computer center for an autonomous operation or it can be provided by CLAI as a cloud service. The integration with bank offices platform and ATMs front has been designed to be as simple as possible tending to have data on the last transactions and updated events on line. Because of its design, the solution is adaptable to any network size and any structure of collecting centers of cash and supplying chain.


With CLAI solution for Cash Projecting and Management on ATMs and Agencies, you will not have more than the necessary money and you will not need more money to cover the demands of the clients in the different places of your network.