Complete Encryption Solution

Financial data protection

Provide all cryptographic services in a single point with all management tools with unprecedented flexibility and ease of use.

The comprehensive Cryptographic solution by CLAI PAYMENTS, integrates all service about security encryption in payment environments, simplifying the delivery of all the required functions of companies to obtain the cryptographical services needed in each system and module of their organization in a complete service in cloud.

Our solution is available in an environment of continuous and safe availability, with optimal process speed and broad scalability taking advantage of the awarded capabilities of the IBM® Power platform, that together with a strong, safe and adaptable solution, of high performance and complete functional coverage.

Protection of any sensitive data in payment processing, in a simplified, centralized and quickly integrated scheme

  • Card authentications.
  • EMV, PIN, validations.
  • Payment credentials.
  • Secure keys and data authentication in channels.
  • Data encryption under different schemes and algoritms.
  • Tokenization.
  • Dinamic Authorization.
  • And more.

Experience at the highest level


Cryptografical sites

+5500 Tps

Cryptographic Tokenization Transactions per second


Cryptographical services


Main features

Effective security of your sensitive data.

Integration from anywhere.

Flexibility to integrate encryption processes quickly.

A top-level solution certified to operate in the cloud without worries.


Download our Encryption solution datasheet, in this document you can find more details about our solution.

    Competitive advantages for your business:

    • Quick and easy integration.
    • Simple pay-per-use model.
    • Sensitive information is never exposed.
    • Parallel use of IBM® HSM, for faster processing and availability.
    • Full coverage of modern cryptographic services.
    • Great support and administration.

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