AUTORIZA7®, world leader in transactional platforms

Regarding the security of information, and the vulnerabilities exposed in recent days, reflected through the global cyber attack and new threats of greater magnitude, account for the need to generate strategies and good practices that eradicate the risks, that give, as a result, avoid exposure and worry.

In awareness of this situation Grupo CLAI foresees, arranges and develops its solutions on fully armored and secure platforms against computer attacks, such as the IBM® Power i® platforms, which, besides being robust, are scalable and highly reliable for the critical mission of the transactional processing; Therefore, the Group has leveraged and has consolidated highly prepared solutions for the current market and the maintenance of security.

AUTORIZA7®, the Group’s main platform, has the strictest information security protocols, which prevent 100% filtering of agents who want to steal information about transactions and cardholders, thanks to CLAI Group hosting PCI security standards , being the only ones in the world to guarantee the protection of all the data and applications in this platform, in accordance with the standards issued by the Security Standard Council.

Grupo CLAI is aware of the needs and importance of information in all entities, and they provide a tranquility factor and confidence by adopting, in advance, new and proven practices to protect and ensure that our clients have state-of-the-art technology for insurance of the information.

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