Payment of Remittances through ATM and MoneySend transactions the news that the Industrial Bank delivers to its customers in Guatemala

In the process of banking and streamlining transactions in Guatemala, Banco Industrial implemented two new responses for its customers. In first step, it made available in its network of more than 1200 ATMs in Guatemala, the service of collection of remittances through a code sent to mobile devices and without the need to use cards, facilitating the collection of them to thousands of people in the country.

Promerica Bank El Salvador, strengthens the operation of its transactional services

Promerica Bank, El Salvador, compromised with giving avant-garde technologies to its customers aiming to ease up their payments and operations, has integrated a service availability assurance through PARTNERDESK®, a scheme which allows the bank to keep complete and predictive control of its transactional systems, monitoring the operation and aiding with the payment systems attention at the same time.


Banrural is now the bank with the highest growth in Honduras. It’s expansive strategy results in more than 400 service points, 100 agencies nationwide, a 50 ATM network (with an expected growth of 100 ATMs this year), over 6000 POS, all this in their first 2 years. With this kind of strategy on the move, Banrural now plans to bring high-quality products to their customers, integrating a transactional switch is the first and most important sept they took, looking for a fast and excellent service to back their products. Banrural has allied with Grupo CLAI and it’s flag product AUTORIZA7®, opening the doors of success in this endeavor, with direct processing of their transactions with the leading franchises and their own Hosts.

Falabella, pioneer in Latin America with Google Pay

Falabella Chile has set a milestone in the implementation of electronic payments with Google Pay. The retail giant has taken a step forward in the sector by connecting to the world of electronic payments and facilitating the payment interaction of its customers with Google Pay and VISA.

Banco Popular de Costa Rica advances with AUTORIZA7®

Banco Popular has successfully implemented its transactional switch, in alliance with CLAI Group and its representation in Costa Rica. This important advance has allowed Banco Popular to be at the forefront and quickly implement new services in its network, as an independent and complete administration of its ATM network; proving once again the unbeatable Time to Market provided by AUTORIZA7® in payment platforms and complete integration of transactional processes.