Cyberattacks on the world are on the rise

How to shield against attempts at fraud of financial institutions and their customers

As the world faces the challenge of defeating the Covid-19 pandemic, cybercrime spreads like another pandemic. Putting this fight at risk, attacking our health, financial, services and government systems.

In the financial field and more specifically in the means of payment, a maximum effort is needed to eliminate as much as possible the vulnerabilities inherent in payment environments and service platforms. To do this, strong validation and security schemes must be adopted urgently in the cycle of their transactions and the business’s own operations. In this sense it is absolutely necessary to review good encryption practices, the adoption of 3D secure and compliance with regulatory regulations such as PCI.

Recently CLAI PAYMENTS, through its experience and with its R&D teams, security, consulting and support have redesigned for their current customers and for the market a complete guide to perform hardening processes, tokenization management, robust encryption integration, in order to strengthen their payment platforms, as an example it is absolutely necessary that keys to encryption the tokens be updated and proceed to the regeneration of cryptograms.

“… Hardening is responsible for tightening servers, eliminating bad practices, significantly reducing security breaches and vulnerabilities that may be exposed by maintaining an original manufacturer configuration or lack of security patch update”

Leydi Marcela Piñeros, IT Director, Computer Security Expert.

At CLAI PAYMENTS we are committed to our customers and society, and for this our entire team works day by day on the continuous improvement of security, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this initiative.

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