Do you still have to wait at 2:00 a.m. to apply production passes?

The implementation of new services is part of the daily life of financial and retail companies, to be at the forefront. The need to connect new channels and facilitate new payment methods for customers becomes a challenge for technological areas, and at the end of this effort, waiting to be able to implement these services online becomes a headache, since it is necessary to cancel existing services at night and on dates that are not very commercial so as not to generate an effect, hoping that there are no inconveniences so as not to reverse the process.

All these aspects are more than avoidable today, CLAI Group with its ACTIVO-ACTIVO system has developed an entire scheme  that facilitates the implementation of continuous evolution of payment platforms, on any day and at any time, without ceasing to provide services or affect customer service, in addition to facilitating, with proven methods to certify without dependencies, their new services and effectively prove the proper functioning.

This scheme, aside from generating the maximum use of your transactional infrastructure, accelerates your time to market and allows a 100% available uptime. And you still must wait to expand your payment platform?

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