Get rid of annoying middlemen to manage your ATMs

Operate and monitor your device network from your cellphone

More than the management of your devices, to manage an ATM network and make it profitable, it is necessary to have a tool that enables sending configurations, the identification of alarms, the availability of each one of your ATMs and the administration of the money that your devices have, all this being done independently adjusting to the needs of your business.

CLAI Group has developed an integral tool that will allow you to manage your network easily and from your mobile phone, with information you need in real-time; this tool will allow you to identify the availability of connections, communications, and status of your devices, as well as the need for cash or even the suggested date of next recharge for scheduling it.

Such a tool will facilitate not only monitoring but also the online placement of any device or remote re-configuration, the solution has integrated audit modules that allow queries through transaction history, service availability and transactional quality.

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