Latest innovations of CLAI-CLAI TALKS 2017

Latest innovations of CLAI-CLAI TALKS 2017
Latest innovations of CLAI-CLAI TALKS 2017
  • On July 14 and 15, the CLAI Talks was held in the city of Panama, an event that focuses on the exhibition of innovative projects that Grupo CLAI has been implementing throughout the Americas.

The agenda was attended by more than 40 experts from the group and the assistance of BAC Credomatic, one of the most important banks in the region, who expressed their satisfaction with the advances presented by the team of specialists in the more than 20 presentations made in the event; these advances correspond to innovation initiatives in response to market needs, such as the semi-synchronous model, which optimizes the speed of response and resource management in the transaction process; likewise the improvements and advances in the Active-Active scheme were exposed; the stress testing service supported by Az – Benchmark, which has been successfully entering the North American market; the atomization of transactions and the news of the latest version 4.2 of Autoriza7®, the flagship product of the holding company.

In addition, Fernando Carmona, CEO of the CLAI Group, presented the company’s vision for the coming years, where it is of great interest to continue investing in the development of innovative products that allow banking and retail entities to advance with a greater availability of services; In addition, the Group will continue to venture into new markets and consolidate new offices in order to provide the best support to its customers.

CLAI Talks – Conferences:

  • Semi-synchronous model
  • Sockets
  • Improvements on Az7 V4.2
  • Monitoring and support
  • Active-Active
  • EveryCard/TC
  • Web-Service
  • 3 Layered model
  • Transaction atomization
  • Development standards and QA
  • PCI Configuration
  • Az-Monitor
  • HTML Interfaces
  • Brand Regulatory
  • Incoming, Outgoing and Chargeback
  • Benchmark
  • Refinement

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