The well being of your human capital, crucial for success

For CLAI Group, it has been of great importance to orient our service to our customers as well as to the human capital that accompanies us, since having a harmonious environment is vital to build a successful external service environment.

From our philosophy, we attribute the development we have achieved in the market to the importance we have placed on well-being as an essential aspect in our workers, thanks to which this leads our team to explore new concepts and connections, thus allowing us to solve all the challenges that we assume day by day; With the above we have discovered that this harmony, besides being fundamental for each one of our collaborators, is also fundamental for achieving the goals of our organization.

In accordance with the above, on November 15, CLAI Group was awarded by one of the most prestigious insurance companies, thanks to the performance in its management of health and safety at work, standing out for its interest in the development and welfare of the human capital, which consolidates our commitment to continue providing our employees with a harmonious work environment and the best service to our customers.

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