AZ7® successfully reaffirms its PCI PA DSS certification

AZ7® has been validated again as a certified payment platform under the strict PCI security standards, in compliance with PCI SCC, with help and company from ISEC Auditors, renowned informatic systems security consultancy enterprise, located in Barcelona, Spain.

This certification reaffirms AZ7® compliance capacities protecting the payment ecosystems with cards, in which exist more than 250 physical, logistic and management security controls, which are resumed in 6 main groups and 14 requirements, such as:

  1. Develop and keep networks and systems safe.
  2. Protect the cardholder data.
  3. Mantain a vulnerability management program.
  4. Implement solid control and access measurements.
  5. Supervise and evaluate networks regularly.
  6. Sustain data security politics.

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