COVID-19 has imposed on us new ways to behave socially no one has ever imagined. It made us value daily activities that we once took for granted. The impact of COVID-19 on how users are interacting with ATM networks will never be the same and will set the tone for what is to come.  Today, there is a question of how soon banks and financial institutions can swiftly provide a safer, secure and easier ATM interface that would require less physical interaction – fast.

AZ7® successfully reaffirms its PCI PA DSS certification

AZ7® has been validated again as a certified payment platform under the strict PCI security standards, in compliance with PCI SCC, with help and company from ISEC Auditors, renowned informatic systems security consultancy enterprise, located in Barcelona, Spain.

How to modernize your ATM network without becoming the Titanic

Those who are in charge of the complex task of modernizing the architecture and functionality of the ATM network are faced with an increasingly complex decision-making environment and, without the right vision, many of these processes fail or result in a network with an architecture that is more difficult to understand, more costly to operate, with more dependencies on third parties and with a high degree of slowness in adding or modifying transactions. Through this article, we will address the challenges of modernization and the recommendations for doing so adequately.

KPMG again certifies CLAI GROUP’s PCI compliance

For the second consecutive year, KPMG recognized global audit network has certified the development and support processes currently used by the CLAI Group to guarantee compliance with the security requirements of PA-DSS under the PCI standard.