Banco Popular de Costa Rica advances with AUTORIZA7®


Banco Popular has successfully implemented its transactional switch, in alliance with CLAI Group and its representation in Costa Rica. This important advance has allowed Banco Popular to be at the forefront and quickly implement new services in its network, as an independent and complete administration of its ATM network; proving once again the unbeatable Time to Market provided by AUTORIZA7® in payment platforms and complete integration of transactional processes.

“The switch supports ATMs of various brands and configures transactions with and without card, with band or chip, withdrawals, queries and transfers. In the short term we will be implementing online deposits, payments of loan services, credit cards and withdrawals from checking accounts”.

– Eunice Martínez, Director of the Banco Popular Project

This important event has allowed this large bank to obtain a platform that easily develops the provision of new services for its business and extensive transactional security.

“We are happy to support banks like Banco Popular in achieving their goals, becoming an ally in all their strategic technology processes.

– Esteban Corrales, General Manager of CLAI Central America.

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