Banrural is now the bank with the highest growth in Honduras. It’s expansive strategy results in more than 400 service points, 100 agencies nationwide, a 50 ATM network (with an expected growth of 100 ATMs this year), over 6000 POS, all this in their first 2 years. With this kind of strategy on the move, Banrural now plans to bring high-quality products to their customers, integrating a transactional switch is the first and most important sept they took, looking for a fast and excellent service to back their products. Banrural has allied with Grupo CLAI and it’s flag product AUTORIZA7®, opening the doors of success in this endeavor, with direct processing of their transactions with the leading franchises and their own Hosts.

“AUTORIZA7® has allowed us to properly establish our transactional objectives, all within high-quality standards and open doors to expand our services network. We give great value to CLAI Group’s team and their support, the tranquility and peace of mind that comes with working with them helps us to easily develop our electronic payments projects.” 

Mauricio Escalante, Merchant-acquiring and Card Manager

The high-end ATMs that Banrural acquired have capacities that go far from the regular ones, allowing their clients, not just cash withdrawal or account checkings, but also pay and deposit to other accounts fast and easy, furthermore enabling other banks to make transactions through Banrural’s nationwide bank network. In addition, Banrural plugged in all their merchant-acquiring and ATM transactional processes under the highest cyphering standards, guaranteeing protection to their customers data. This cements not just growth and services scheme, but a preventive and security scheme that protects both, clients and their payments platform. With this great strategy going full throttle, Banrural is now reliable and stable enough to process other companies transactions from any device.

“Our aim is being a regional leader on development funding, through all our channels, offering a set of financial products and services that fulfill every single one of our customer’s demands. BANRURAL, Helping you grow!” 

Mauricio Escalante, Merchant-acquiring and Card Manager

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