CLAI PAYMENTS partners with CloudFirst

An alliance to provide greater IaaS offerings to CLAI’s clients in the Latin American region

In the new environment where accelerating connectivity and increasing digital and contactless payments require being ahead of risk, therefore large international card and PCI networks have established strengthening the protection of encrypted keys in the exchange of information in the payment environment, in order to provide greater protection of sensitive data in the payment process.

CLAI PAYMENTS is excited to partner with Cloud First to provide the financial, banking, and commercial sectors with access to Enterprise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  These services will enable IT to dynamically provision and effortlessly manage their hardware infrastructure for their payment ecosystem.

For all industry verticals, it is essential to guarantee business continuity using agile and flexible deployment environments. Scalable resources available in real time are required to provide instant capacity to quickly build new products and services and to accommodate for changing business conditions.

Cloud First is a premier cloud services provider for IBM Power, with more than 20 years of experience in the USA. DSC has gained broad customer adoption and maintained a 96% client retention rate. This synergy will bring great benefits when integrating cloud infrastructure with our highly flexible and reliable payment ecosystems with security standards that achieve full accreditation and compliance in payment methods.

Learn how CLAI PAYMENTS and Cloud First can help integrate and deliver an agile and cutting-edge payment ecosystem. Please leave us your details a specialist will contact you shortly.


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