Simulation and Transactional Testing Solutions in the Cloud

In view of the growing need to expedite the implementation of new transactional services, ensure payment responsiveness and the accelerated opening of channels to facilitate ubiquitous payments and transfers, CLAI PAYMENTS in partnership with IBM Cloud, has made available its testing solution, PAYTESTER, in the cloud.

CLAI PAYMENTS partners with CloudFirst

An alliance to provide greater IaaS offerings to CLAI’s clients in the Latin American region
In the new environment where accelerating connectivity and increasing digital and contactless payments require being ahead of risk, therefore large international card and PCI networks have established strengthening the protection of encrypted keys in the exchange of information in the payment environment, in order to provide greater protection of sensitive data in the payment process.

Learn how to ensure your customers continuous availability of their payment platform

In an increasingly competitive world where the user experience is the value you get when you use our services when making an online purchase, getting money at a cashier, paying as comfortably and agilely as possible through devices non-contact and mobile etc; the fight against fraud, together with the continuous availability of our systems must be the foundation sits on this entire ecosystem of means of payment in the continuous evolution and that in the coming years will revolutionize how today the consumer behaves.

New banking security regulations established by brands: more than a challenge, a responsibility

The evolution of the payments sector is considered one of the most mature in the adoption of security schemes due to the growth of 12% in cashless transactions (2016 -2017) and which will continue at a rate of 14% (2017 – 2022), according to the latest World Payment Repor report issued by the Capgemini Research Institute, and so proportionalto to this growth of digital payment alternatives are expanded the security controls that safeguard card-holders’ data and also the security of companies Financial.

The solutions of CLAI PAYMENTS® are available now on IBM Global Solutions Directory

CLAI Payments®, as part of the IBM Partner team, has registered its platforms, and IBM validated these solutions through their Global Solutions Directory, a worldwide platform that grants IBMs clients access to validated platforms to technology projects efficiently. Find AZ7®, the best payment platform, and PAYTESTER®, a solution for test and simulations development, within this directory.

Intuitive interfaces to optimize your payment platform management

Digital transformation is a fact and within this, development and simplification of interfaces play a significant role. In payment’s transactional world, control over quality, speed and payment platforms security is needed, these factors must be tended in real-time, on a reliable platform that allows obtaining all aspects that guarantee continuity on your business and produce high availability of services to your customers.