Learn how to ensure your customers continuous availability of their payment platform

In an increasingly competitive world where the user experience is the value you get when you use our services when making an online purchase, getting money at a cashier, paying as comfortably and agilely as possible through devices non-contact and mobile etc; the fight against fraud, together with the continuous availability of our systems must be the foundation sits on this entire ecosystem of means of payment in the continuous evolution and that in the coming years will revolutionize how today the consumer behaves.

CLAI PAYMENTS®, a solution provider to world-class customers such as large Processors, Banks and Retaliers, was long aware of the need to serve 99.999% solutions available to these huge customers. And for years it has not spared human and technical resources for this task.

Today our Active-Active node technologyallows to cover huge distances with optimal communication, allowing our customers to achieve those magical five nines, with an unsurpassed return on investment by the market, a simple and powerful technology based on an architecture integrated on our IBM reference platform.

Maintenance, version changes, evolutionary, which are made without decommissioning services or affect availability, are unique capabilities of our ecosystem, highly valued by our customers, but the truly extraordinary is the load balancing between the nodes adjusted to the specific transactionality of the means of payment, faculty developed by our R&D teams and thanks to the experience with our large customers over decades.

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