Simulation and Transactional Testing Solutions in the Cloud

In view of the growing need to expedite the implementation of new transactional services, ensure payment responsiveness and the accelerated opening of channels to facilitate ubiquitous payments and transfers, CLAI PAYMENTS in partnership with IBM Cloud, has made available its testing solution, PAYTESTER, in the cloud. 

This solution will allow to easily integrate testing schemes in all companies wishing to automate their testing and to implement simulation schemes that accelerate their time to market or wish to improve the current performance of their payment ecosystem

This alliance will allow easy access, without any worries about storage, since it is a Plug&Play scheme, which can be easily accessed from the IBM Cloud solutions catalog. 

How does testing expedite your time to market? 

Part of the development and implementation of new mission-critical services is to ensure the functionality and life cycle flow of the transaction properly. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to test the operation from real tests that generate the exchange of information, as it is done in production. PAYTESTER allows to generate these functional tests by triggering multiple transactions per second, simulating different messaging channels or standards, including encryption.  

From the tests, you will be able to glimpse through dashboards the performance, response time or errors generated in the transaction response process, which can help your team to identify risks, bottlenecks, or possible improvements to apply. 

How does testing allow me to identify the performance of my payment ecosystem? 

From the launch of transactions per second to identify the attention and response capacity of your payment ecosystem. Stress tests allow sending different types of transactions in high volumes for determined times to identify the response capacity, as well as the deterioration in the response time proportionally to the increase of transactions per second.  

This will allow you to prepare your business for increased payments on commercial dates, or even when conducting new product placement campaigns to measure your capacity to deal with customer growth. 

To access the PAYTESTER solution catalog on IBM Cloud click here. 

Know more about our PAYTESTER solution, or send us your details and a specialist will contact you shortly to explain the scope of our solution and how it can help your business. 

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