Cryptography AES, Replacement of DES Cryptography?

One of the determining factors in a secure payment platform is to have sufficiently robust encryption algorithms to prevent the intrusion of fraudulent movements or theft of sensitive information from the cardholders.

There are different algorithms to fulfill this mission, the standard that facilitates security through flexible schemes and higher speed for the banking sector is the AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard), which is not a replacement but a complement to the DES algorithm, for which is expected that financial institutions, processors and networks must use both simultaneously.

CLAI Group, committed to the security of the financial sector, has applied the native support of this algorithm through its platform AUTORIZA7®, providing an exceptional level of security and significantly reducing the risk of compromising its cryptographic keys.

This new support will allow you to have unbreakable keys, since this process consists of encrypting and deciphering data in blocks of a minimum of 128 bits up to 256 bits, guaranteeing effective shielding, protection of sensitive data of your customers and the efficiency of your encryption processes.

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