Evaluate your current capacity easily

Exclusively for AUTORIZA7® users, CLAI Group offers its customers a measurement service that allows determining the maximum working capacity (TPS) of the productive servers. The service consists of a meticulous observance process regarding the consumption of resources by transactions, where technical measurements will allow the identification of the actual use of resources in a determined period and, in this way, determine according to the number of active cores, how many TPSs would support the machine without passing the recommended quota of 85% CPU.

It is a fast, effective and safe service carried out by the area of Incident Monitoring and Management, which will not only allow you to know your current transactional capacities but also preventively anticipate processes of refinement, expansion and more specialized measurements such as detection of bottlenecks with the Benchmark® tool and services.

To request the service, exclusive for the AUTORIZA7® user club, write to contacto@clai.com

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