IBM i: The most profitable platform in the market

IBM i: The most profitable platform in the market

Around the world, multiple companies must face the task of selecting the best technological infrastructure platform that offers the possibility of growth, stability, scalability and enough reliability for the solidity of their business.

IBM i has stood out worldwide in providing the best hardware solution, all thanks to its significant and continuous advances in technology and security that have allowed thousands of users to rely on this robust platform. This is demonstrated by a study carried out on companies from different continents, which highlights that for the fourth consecutive year more than 92% of these companies indicate that the IBM i platform offers the highest return on investment over other market platforms, which is why it is the platform with the lowest annual defection, since its stability gives confidence to thousands of companies to operate more than 50% of their business applications.


Additionally, the study presents the increase in implementations of systems for disaster recovery, based on the implementation of High Availability, a scheme that facilitates attention in the event of a natural disaster or failure, but loses sight of the possibility of increasing the productivity of the IBM i platform and the transactional scheme of a company.

Based on this, CLAI Group has proposed a scheme of Continuous Availability that exceeds and leaves in the past the High Availability model, generating maximum use of its investment and placing its transactionality at maximum productivity. CLAI’s Active-Active Continuous Availability scheme has proven to be a model that facilitates competitiveness and rapid growth in financial and retail companies, allowing for the rapid implementation of new or evolving services in record time while still providing attention to customers/end users.

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