Why does AUTORIZA7® effectively support fraud prevention?

Why does AUTORIZA7® effectively support fraud prevention?

CLAI needs to keep its clients protected with a robust fraud prevention technology so, in addition to the recently acquired PA-DSS certification by PCI, it maintains and generates continuous improvements, preventing fraudulent transactions.

Engineer Kenneth Rosales

Kenneth Rosales, Senior Fraud Prevention Specialist.

For this reason, Engineer Kenneth Rosales, expert, and leader in the strategic analysis of fraud prevention, with more than 26 years of experience in credit cards in Central America, has joined to CLAI Groups’ team; Kenneth Rosales will lead the entire technological infrastructure for the fraud prevention models of AUTORIZA7®, including continuous strengthening schemes of our market’s leading product.

AUTORIZA7® has generated reliability in the market, thanks to its capabilities to track the transaction process from end to end and its prevention scheme that strengthens the companies which already have this robust suite; all of this under its certified qualities in the security field, among these, you may find:

  • Total compliance with the PCI standard.
  • Cryptographic Validations (PIN, CVV, CVC, CVV2, CVC2, 4DBC, 4CSC, etc.).
  • User and database integrated audits.
  • EMV with anti-cloning support, anti-man-in-the-middle validations obtained within the exchange and validation of the ARQC and the ARPC.
  • Limits and dynamic quotas management by profile and source of origin, this allows to automatically control the maximum amount of exposure of a client to possible fraud.
  • Maximum quota restrictions management enabled by applications, countries, points of entry, Acquirer Identification, Terminal Identification and MCC (Merchant Category Code).
  • Quotas and card limit management during a date range or permanently, according to applications, country, and MCC; either in any local currency or in dollars.
  • Management of the quotas and limits of a BIN taking into account applicative, country and MCC; either in any local currency or in dollars.
  • AUTORIZA7® has a VIP file and a denial file or compromised cards, giving greater control to the client of the authorizations and of all those cards that could be affected at a commitment point.
  • Secure support to Near Real-Time / Real-Time.
  • AUTORIZA7® can interact with pre-existing Fraud Prevention systems. It can act in parallel with the authorization, then the joint management is done by the coordination of traffic lights, so there is no impact on time or customer service.
  • Survey of events sent through SMS or email, for any transactions that you want to monitor.

Specifically for the prevention of fraud in ATM networks, AUTORIZA7® has the following features:

  • PIN error control, allowing at the moment of reaching a threshold to block the card, for greater control.
  • PIN Emergency, is a unique functionality for the ATM solution, allowing you to face a threat situation using a PIN that will minimize the loss of the client, presenting and providing minimum balances, which in turn generates alerts to the respective areas.
  • It generates automatic actions for Fallback transactions (by band-non-reading of CHIP), allowing to deny the trade or create specific restrictions for costumer’s security.
  • A monitor that looks up for transactions that show validation or Fallback issues.

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