Capacity Planning: Challenge the transactional capacity of your payment platform

Today it is more than necessary to make sure that a payment platform supports high amounts of transactions, and above all that it can respond to thousands or millions of customers at any given time.

Sometimes this need is reflected when, unfortunately, loss of service incidents occur, as a consequence of a lack of planning on transactional capabilities, both in hardware and critical care software.

Capacity Planning is a preventive methodology that the CLAI Group has been working as a preventive scheme for its clients through AUTORIZA7®, or for those who do not have this solution through Benchmark. This scheme allows to estimate and assess the system and its applications, to optimize the care process and define action plans to optimize existing resources, with ease of access to this solution and for a minimum cost can save millions in your processing scheme.

This analysis is executed through a real environment of prominent transactions, in which a meticulous observance process is carried out on the consumption of application resources, where technical measurements allow you to identify the peaks of high transactional loads, on commercial dates where the generation of transactions normally ascends and, in this way, determine the future load of your payment platform and carry out effective tuning processes.

As a result, you will obtain and execute the necessary actions for the maximum use of your resources, under the estimations expected by the payment platform, preventing and anticipating an unexpected event and guaranteeing the tranquility of a continuous analysis protocol for the improvement of your company’s performance.

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